In the world


Today there are more than 156 communities and 28 projects in 38 countries around the world from Belgium to Argentina, Uganda to Japan and to the United States. 

While communities around the world share in the philosophy of L’Arche, each community celebrates and lives its own cultural and spiritual expression of community. At L’Arche, we value and celebrate the diversity within our communities.

We create communities with a culture of shared lives between people with and without intellectual disabilities, from which we can work together to build a more human society.

At L’Arche we celebrate people with intellectual disabilities and build circles of support around them. We go beyond supporting people's basic needs. It is this focus on building relationships and cultivating a sense of belonging that makes us different. 

L’Arche communities hold in balance four elements: service, community, spirituality and outreach. Experience has shown us that each element has an important role to play.

L’Arche communities around the world share this common philosophy and approach while reflecting and celebrating the ethnic, cultural and religious composition of the areas in which they exist.

We believe that people with learning disabilities have much to teach us and contribute to the world.

Communities that are the same and not the same!

From one culture to another, each community creates its own models: for example, one community will create a network of families while another will focus around residences. One community will run a workshop while another will offer social and creative arts activities to the public. All help us to forge reciprocal relationships.

We strive for unity in our diversity.

From one continent to another the same inspiration brings to life the spirituality of our communities. This is a spirit of encounter, listening and empathy and solidarity.