Stabilizing Today and Looking to Tomorrow in Haiti

Stabilizing Today and Looking to Tomorrow in Haiti

As of Today, people are back in their homes, but the workshop is not yet running, as the building can’t be repaired. Hurricane Matthew greatly affected the area. As of now, many people are living in temporary housing; the impact on the crops created an inevitable food crisis. For a while the region will have to rely on external aid.

The people of L’Arche Chantal and all of L’Arche Haiti join us in expressing our deep gratitude for the spontaneous generosity and solidarity of so many friends around the world. Many people have sent signs of friendship, assured the community of their prayers, and offered financial support. The community has felt great support, and the love of friends around the world.

We can gladly say our 60K goal for this emergency  has been reached! Thanks to all who have supported the community! This is enabling L’Arche in Chantal to face its immediate needs.  

The first task was to secure the community during the initial emergency phase, including evacuating the more vulnerable members, securing the site with basic necessities and basic repairs, and sending some experienced assistants to help. 

The coming months will include temporarily reorganizing the workshop on the current site, so that the community members can return to their daily activities and to work, and thereby resume a semblance of a normal life. This phase will take place during the first semester of 2017, and will be supported through the emergency funding that has been raised.

At times like this, the community is very grateful to be part of the L’Arche family for many reasons, and one concrete sign of this has been the two international experienced assistants who have come to Chantal to help bring stability. François, from France, has now returned to his home community in Lyon. Isabelle from Beloeil, Québec, is at the moment in Chantal.
Locally, the community and local Board have shown enormous dedication and courage, and have been very effective in rallying people around the community. A number of local groups and individuals have provided critical support, including the gift of tin for the roof (Rotary club), providing food, and providing technical expertise. 

Looking toward the future

The destruction brought by Matthew has confronted the community with a need to rebuild, and it has also brought urgency to serious questions about the community’s future.  Over the past several years, there has been an increasing realization that the community is simply too isolated and too vulnerable in its current rural setting. The hurricane has been a powerful reminder of just how isolated the district of Chantal is, at a time when core members need increasing access to medical and other services.  

The decision has been made for the community to relocate, and to rebuild close to the city of Les Cayes. This move will offer more security and support for the core members’ needs.  It will allow greater communication and partnership with the L’Arche community in Port au Prince.  And finally, this move will also allow the community to live out to the fullest its mission in the larger Haitian society as a concrete example of the gifts people with disabilities have to bring to society. 
The funding need for the relocation is estimated at 200,000 Euros. L’Arche Internationale and L’Arche Haiti are launching an exceptional capital campaign to secure this funding. The current objective is to gather 50% of these funds by April 1, 2017.
We have been very moved by the courage of the people of Haiti, not just in L’Arche but throughout the country. The Haitians have known such tribulations, and yet once again are summoning the ability to stand and move into the future. The members of L’Arche Haiti have done this with courage, dignity and care for each other and that is an inspiration to all of us. It is also perhaps in these times that we experience most concretely how deeply our L’Arche family is connected, and how we have so many friends who may not live in L’Arche communities, but carry L’Arche in their hearts and build the L’Arche family from where they are.
Thank you for your solidarity, and we ask for your ongoing support and your prayers for the community as it continues its work of stabilizing daily life and looking to tomorrow.

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