Another natural disaster affects a community, this time in India

Another natural disaster affects a community, this time in India


As a result of Cyclone Vardah hitting the East Coast of India on December 12th, severe floods have once again overwhelmed the city of Chennai, in India. Last year was bad enough, but this year, the damage looks even worse. Our community Asha Niketan Chennai has been seriously affected. 

Rajeevan, the national leader of L’Arche India, has sent on December 14th the following information:

“The second house has been evacuated due to the flood, and people are being accommodated in the main building. Four big trees have been uprooted, affecting both houses. These trees need cutting up and clearing. The collapsed compound wall needs reconstructing immediately as it provides some security, and also blocks the garbage and dirty water flowing down from the neighbouring areas. This wall is just behind our prayer room. Right now, there is no electricity nor fresh water for drinking or cooking with, let alone for washing. So we are having to buy water, which costs a fair bit in this situation. For health reasons, we need to do some cleaning around the living area, if possible with the help of the Health Department.”

How to help?

L'Arche International has set up a special fund, with the aim of raising 15,000 Euros. If you can support Asha Niketan Chennai by contributing to this fund, you can donate as follows:

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